Library Videos

Below is a list of water and wastewater videos assembled by ACWWA that are available for review by AWWA/WEF members.   These videos can be borrowed from the section for a period not exceeding three weeks.

Please fax or email the office to request a loan of any current titles in the ACWWA Library.
Please provide the title of the video, along with your membership number, and mailing address.
Fax: 902-435-7796
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All items borrowed from the Library are to be returned to the office within three weeks.


Halifax Water - How to Bacon Responsibly

Toilet Paper, The One and Only Flushable Wipe



Chlorine Safety

Filter Back Wash Recycling Rule

Helping Consumers Make Smart Choices about Home Treatment Devices – Facts & Filter

How Water Works An Interactive Tour

Liquid Assets

On The Job: Leak Detection

Operator Math Made Easy

Optimizing Filtration Operations

Safety First: Pipe Handling for Field Crews

Safety First: The Safety of Water Treatment Chemicals

Safety First: Confined Spaces

Safety First: Personal Protective Equipment

Safety First: Pipe & Street Saws

Safety First: Pipe Handling for Filed Crews

Safety First: Slips, Trips & Falls

Safety First: Water Main Repair

Safety First: Work Area Traffic Control

Satellite Teleconference – Innovative Operator Tools – Scada, AMR & GIS

Satellite Teleconference – Pipeline Repair

Wastewater Treatment: Preliminary and Primary

Wastewater Treatment: Secondary

Water Distribution Operator Training: Pumps and Motors

Water Supply Operations: Centrifugal Pumps

Water Supply Operations: Coagulation, Flocculation, & Sedimentation

Water Supply Operations: Disinfection Strategies

Water Supply Operations: Distribution Systems

Water Supply Operations: Filtration

Water Supply Operations: Flushing and Cleaning

Whaddya Know about H20?


VHS Cassettes    

 AWWA Satellite Teleconference - Excellence in Water Quality Distribution

 AWWA Satellite Teleconference – Fire Hydrant Operations and Maintenance 

 AWWA Satellite Teleconference – The Basics of Waterborne Pathogens

 How to Prepare for Operator certification